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Driver's License Renewals

Need to renew your driver's license? Follow this quick guide.

Renewing Your Licence Plate Sticker

Find out what it takes to Renew Your Licence Plate Sticker.

General Information

  • To help you get started, the government has compiled a comprehensive list of its approved Driving Schools.
  • View MTO Handbooks Online. Learn the rules of the road by reading the online driving guide or order your own physical copy.
  • Road Safety in Ontario is paramount. Learn about safe driving practices, , driving tips, about car seats, motorcycle safety, or more. 
  • Learn about the Demerit Point System and how points are added to your driver's licence for each convicted driving infraction.
  • How can I  Order a Driver's Record or product that shows driving and license details?

Driver's Licence

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Renewing a Licence

Vehicle Registration

Registering Your Vehicle

Licence Plates & Plate Stickers

Parking Permits & Fines

Parking Permits


  • Learn about how to pay outstanding Driving Fines . These fines must be paid before an individual can renew a licence, order a plate sticker or order a personalized licence plate.
  • How do I Pay Driving Fines Online?